Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Update: Cavs win..Indians lose.

The Indians took it into 12 innings but couldn't pull out the win. With Tony Sipp having to go two innings because neither team could decide who wanted to win, and Chris Perez only working his limit (1 inning) Manny Acta was forced to dig deep and pull Chad Durbin out of the bullpen. Let's just say things didn't go well. Poor pitching=loses. The Tribe couldn't manufacture runs tonight like they've done so well this season and the result was not surprisingly a lose. Indians head back home to face the Orioles in what should be a good series. GO TRIBE!

Cavs finish season strong. Props. Conventional wisdom says that the Cavs should have tanked their season in order to have a better chance to secure that coveted #1 pick in the upcoming draft. Byron Scott says, "fuck it let's win some damn games". Alright well he didn't actually say that (not to my knowledge at least) but you know he was thinking it when these last 10 or so games were played. When you lose a record 26 games straight, you want to win. You can't tell me that every single one of the Cavs players (Luke Harangody, Semih Erden, and Baron Davis excluded) did not want to win and weren't going to give it all they got to win these last few games. When you experience such an up and down season like the Cavs did, you can't blame them for not tanking and doing what they could to give these great fans something to cheer for.

There is always next year...

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