Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Tribe Time Now. I Think.

Hey. Hi. I'm writing again 'cause boredom has reached an all time high in my life. I have many reasons why I haven't written in this blog for well over a year. I'll start off by saying that I am the laziest human ever. I know many a lazy persons, and I have put myself high on the throne of laziness, so that kind of covers the lack of posts. Along with my do-nothing attitude that I have finely tuned over the years, I have also been one to doubt myself at an incredible rate. I'll see a friends writing and think to myself "I am nothing compared to this spectacular human who has written this flawless piece of art". Obviously that mind-set is troubling.

So I made the decision to stop writing. For some reason my Dad actually enjoys my writing. I'm anti-social. Even with my parents sometimes. So I think being able to read my thoughts allows him to enter in to my world for a few brief paragraphs. This is a reason I am blogging again. There are others but one is enough. Now is the part where I share a few of my thoughts on what is going on in the trenches of a Cleveland sports fan, I guess.

The Indians are chasing a playoff spot. In September. With a very friendly remaining schedule. This is all good news. Over the past few weeks it has become painfully apparent that; although we are so close to a playoff berth we can almost taste the champagne on our lips, not one person in the greater Cleveland area gives a shit. We are currently in sole possession of the 28th spot in attendance. This is depressing. Why is this happening? The answer to this question is usually that our fans cannot rally behind a team that has let them down year after year. But it's September. Half a game out of a playoff spot. My twitter timeline is filled with fellow Tribe fans who love nothing more than to see our beloved team win. So what gives? I have no idea. All I know is that once we make the playoffs, the Jake will be full once again. I can't wait.

Hey Browns fans! You mad? Don't be. Trent Richardson wasn't the second coming of Jim Brown and we all know that. Some of you may not want to except that very real evaluation. Too bad. He's gone now and Willis McGahee, Bobby Rainey and Chris Ogbannaya are now our rock carriers. We are going to be very painful to watch the remainder of this season. I have a suggestion for you. Stop watching. Anger is sure to find you and no one likes an angry person. So save everyone the annoyance of endless tweets about how Hoyer just threw an interception or how Phil Taylor was on the receiving end of a personal foul penalty. Give up for now. It's for the best.

K. Bye.