Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 Wins, 30 Reasons To Love The Tribe. Part II

Well as promised here are the final 15 reasons to love the Tribe.

16. Sandy Alomar.
-I just love that I can turn on a Tribe game and still see Sandy in that Indians uni.
17. PRONK.
Travis Hafner might be one of the more surprising players this season. 
18. Jacobs Field (AKA The Prog)
-John Adams, Slider, Sugardale dogs, Lines for the bathrooms. All things to love about going to the Jake.
19. 15 Games Above .500
-Tied for the best start in club history.
20. 7 Game Lead Over Detroit in the Central.
-Getting off to a fast start will be what helps the Tribe the most this season.
21. +67 Run Differential.
-The second best run differential is +50. Looks like some teams have some catching up to do.
22. Top Ten In Team Batting, Pitching and Fielding.
-One of the many reasons why the Tribe are the best team in baseball.
23. Manny Acta.
-Picked by the Rangers manager Ron Washington to be one of the 3 coaches on this years AL All-Star coaching staff.
24. Grady Sizemore.
-After missing the start of the season, he returned looking refreshed. Just a couple weeks later though and he's back on the DL. Don't know how much longer he'll be able to keep this up.
25. Dollar Dog Nights.
-1 dollar hot dogs. Doesn't get much better than that. 
26. ESPN Web Gems.
-Asdrubal Cabrera has already had 2. They just add to the fun and excitement of Cleveland Indians Baseball.
27. Pretenders To Contenders.
-Though the first 10-15 games there were many skeptics. Now 46 games in, the Indians are looking like real contenders.
28. #1 In Power Rankings.
-I may be wrong (don't really feel like checking the truth of this) but this is the Indians first time back at the top of the power rankings since 2007. Last time I checked 2007 was a pretty special year.   
29. 17-5 Home Record.
-About to be 17-6 with the bludgeoning the BoSox are putting on right now, but even so the Tribe are winning at home. With or without a sellout crowd.
30. This Blog.
-Without the Tribe I would be bored. They give me something to write about, something exciting to write about.

Well that concludes this post. I might just make a set day for posts just so I can make time to write. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and tell me what day you think. Maybe I'll even put up a poll? Who knows. GO TRIBE!!!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

30 Wins, 30 Reasons To Love The Tribe. Part I

Well I'm back. It's been nearly a month and it's been killing me. What with work, girlfriend, friends and more work, I've had a really tough time making space for this blog in my busy schedule. So I just want to apologize right off the bat (pun is definitely intended) for neglecting you all. No promises but I'll try to make more time.

Alright on to the main event. Instead of recapping every game that I've missed and boring the heck out of everyone, I'll give you my 30 reasons to love the Tribe. Here is the First 15. Check back shortly for Part II

1. The national media attention.
-Not just for the Indians, but for the City of Cleveland. It's good to be back in the spotlight.
2. Sweeping The Battle Of Ohio.
-First sweep of the Reds in 7 years. Do I need to say more?
3. Tom Hamilton.
-Going on 22 seasons with the Tribe. Best play-by-play announcer in baseball.
4. The Fans.
-We got off to a slow start but have picked it up and are now averaging just a little over 18,000 a game.
5. The Bandwagon Fans.
I've heard so many of my friends and co-workers bash the Tribe over the years..guess who their favorite team is now?
6.Cheap Tickets.
-I payed 6 dollars for lower level tickets right on the third base side earlier this year.
7. Chris Perez.
-13 saves and now tied for the most saves in the AL with the great Mariano Rivera.
8. Bullpen.
-The bullpen has been phenomenal this year, keeping those blown saves to a minimal (just 5).
9. Jack Hanahan.
-One of the better fielding 3rd basemen the Tribe has had in awhile. Let's just hope his hitting can sustain and he can stay with the club for the duration of the season.
10. Best Record In Baseball.
-First to 30. 30-15. Speaks for itself.
11. Role Players.
-From Travis Buck to Lou Marson. The Indians bench players are performing at a high level day in and day out.
12. Late Inning Heroics.
-I've lost count of how many late inning comebacks the Tribe has had this year. I'm not complaining. Riveting baseball!
13. Asdrubal Cabrera.
-He's the best shortstop since Omar, and he has the potential to be better. Not only can he field the heck out of a ground ball, he also leads the Tribe in homers.
14. Starting Pitching.
-Josh Tomlin just recorded his 6th win of the year. Tied with a couple other players for most wins in baseball.
15. The Weather.
-The season started off a bit cold but has since warmed up and excluding those two rainouts against Seattle, the rain has held off..for now.

Well that'll do it for tonight. I work in 4 hours..Should be a good day!! Everyday is a good day when the Tribe play. GO TRIBE!!!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

One More Win, One Step Closer.

What a week for Cleveland sports fans. First the Indians end the month of April with 5 straight wins all the while securing the best record they have ever had in this first month of baseball. In dramatic fashion too. On Thursday night the Tribe had a little more in them the the Tigers expected and came back from 3-0 and 5-2 deficits; taking the lead on the last hit of the game, a Carlos Santana grand slam. This Indians team is scrappy. They fall behind but never give up. Their never out of a game and they never look that way. This is the late 90s teams reincarnated. 

I got a chance to go to the game on Saturday with some friends and family and boy was it a blast. Before the game we all met up at my grandmas. As we were about to leave they pulled in and were just arriving home. My grandpa parked the car and got out to talk to us. His words were awesome. I hadn't seen him this excited about Indians baseball in years. He talked about Santana's slam and how great it is to have the Tribe back at the top of the standings. He was so enthusiastic about them and he just knew there might be something special with these 2011 Cleveland Indians. Let's hope you're right gramps. 

Alright time for yesterdays game. It was amazing. Best ball game I've been to since the first game against the Yanks in the 2007 playoffs. It was truly amazing to see the long lines leading into the stadium and even longer ones for the ticket office. This was the most people I had seen at a the Prog since that playoff game 4 years ago. 26,433 in attendance. Opening day aside, that was the most people at an Indians home game. The crowd was electric. You know Cleveland baseball is back when you have lines to the ladies room. I'll say it again, it was amazing. It was almost a little awkward though. We had all loved the Tribe but since our slide after the 2007 season, we had drifted away from them a bit. But on this night, we were all coming back to home. After Santana's and Brantley's bombs I high five'd everyone within a 10 foot reach. It was amazing. After every huge double play we turned or strike out we recorded, the place went crazy and my hands ended up being sore by the end of the night, not to mention my voice was gone. This was vintage Tribe baseball. After Cabrera's single to center ended the game, we all stood and cheered and sang for about 10 minutes. I hadn't seen that many people stay for that long after a game in years. Granted there were fireworks after but still, they all stayed. Another thing I'd like to mention is that it was John Adams 3000th game. For those of you who don't know, John is the drummer in the left field bleachers who bangs that drum all game long. He's been around for forever it seems and to me and a lot of other Tribe fans, he's apart of Indians Baseball. I remember a couple years back we were walking back to Tower City and John Adams was outside walking along with the fans, or at least trying to walk. He would never get more than a couple steps before he was stopped for an autograph or picture. This man is a legend and he will continue to stick by his Tribe for as long as he can, Congratulations Mr. Adams. 

A great day for baseball and now I have been to 2 games this year and we have 2 wins in those 2 games. Don't even ask when the last time that happened was. Can't wait for many more games like that. Couldn't have asked for better baseball. I would also like to say that I caught a t-shirt thrown out to the fans. This was the first and probably the last thing I'll ever catch out in the stands, but it was another thing to add to my Indians baseball memories. GO TRIBE!!!!

I would talk about the Browns draft or Peyton Hillis making the cover of Madden 2012 but I think we've all heard enough about that. So I'll spare you the boredom. That's all for today...maybe. I might post something else later but this was a pretty lengthy post so probably not. We'll see. Stay tuned. 

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