Monday, May 23, 2011

30 Wins, 30 Reasons To Love The Tribe. Part I

Well I'm back. It's been nearly a month and it's been killing me. What with work, girlfriend, friends and more work, I've had a really tough time making space for this blog in my busy schedule. So I just want to apologize right off the bat (pun is definitely intended) for neglecting you all. No promises but I'll try to make more time.

Alright on to the main event. Instead of recapping every game that I've missed and boring the heck out of everyone, I'll give you my 30 reasons to love the Tribe. Here is the First 15. Check back shortly for Part II

1. The national media attention.
-Not just for the Indians, but for the City of Cleveland. It's good to be back in the spotlight.
2. Sweeping The Battle Of Ohio.
-First sweep of the Reds in 7 years. Do I need to say more?
3. Tom Hamilton.
-Going on 22 seasons with the Tribe. Best play-by-play announcer in baseball.
4. The Fans.
-We got off to a slow start but have picked it up and are now averaging just a little over 18,000 a game.
5. The Bandwagon Fans.
I've heard so many of my friends and co-workers bash the Tribe over the years..guess who their favorite team is now?
6.Cheap Tickets.
-I payed 6 dollars for lower level tickets right on the third base side earlier this year.
7. Chris Perez.
-13 saves and now tied for the most saves in the AL with the great Mariano Rivera.
8. Bullpen.
-The bullpen has been phenomenal this year, keeping those blown saves to a minimal (just 5).
9. Jack Hanahan.
-One of the better fielding 3rd basemen the Tribe has had in awhile. Let's just hope his hitting can sustain and he can stay with the club for the duration of the season.
10. Best Record In Baseball.
-First to 30. 30-15. Speaks for itself.
11. Role Players.
-From Travis Buck to Lou Marson. The Indians bench players are performing at a high level day in and day out.
12. Late Inning Heroics.
-I've lost count of how many late inning comebacks the Tribe has had this year. I'm not complaining. Riveting baseball!
13. Asdrubal Cabrera.
-He's the best shortstop since Omar, and he has the potential to be better. Not only can he field the heck out of a ground ball, he also leads the Tribe in homers.
14. Starting Pitching.
-Josh Tomlin just recorded his 6th win of the year. Tied with a couple other players for most wins in baseball.
15. The Weather.
-The season started off a bit cold but has since warmed up and excluding those two rainouts against Seattle, the rain has held off..for now.

Well that'll do it for tonight. I work in 4 hours..Should be a good day!! Everyday is a good day when the Tribe play. GO TRIBE!!!

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