Wednesday, May 25, 2011

30 Wins, 30 Reasons To Love The Tribe. Part II

Well as promised here are the final 15 reasons to love the Tribe.

16. Sandy Alomar.
-I just love that I can turn on a Tribe game and still see Sandy in that Indians uni.
17. PRONK.
Travis Hafner might be one of the more surprising players this season. 
18. Jacobs Field (AKA The Prog)
-John Adams, Slider, Sugardale dogs, Lines for the bathrooms. All things to love about going to the Jake.
19. 15 Games Above .500
-Tied for the best start in club history.
20. 7 Game Lead Over Detroit in the Central.
-Getting off to a fast start will be what helps the Tribe the most this season.
21. +67 Run Differential.
-The second best run differential is +50. Looks like some teams have some catching up to do.
22. Top Ten In Team Batting, Pitching and Fielding.
-One of the many reasons why the Tribe are the best team in baseball.
23. Manny Acta.
-Picked by the Rangers manager Ron Washington to be one of the 3 coaches on this years AL All-Star coaching staff.
24. Grady Sizemore.
-After missing the start of the season, he returned looking refreshed. Just a couple weeks later though and he's back on the DL. Don't know how much longer he'll be able to keep this up.
25. Dollar Dog Nights.
-1 dollar hot dogs. Doesn't get much better than that. 
26. ESPN Web Gems.
-Asdrubal Cabrera has already had 2. They just add to the fun and excitement of Cleveland Indians Baseball.
27. Pretenders To Contenders.
-Though the first 10-15 games there were many skeptics. Now 46 games in, the Indians are looking like real contenders.
28. #1 In Power Rankings.
-I may be wrong (don't really feel like checking the truth of this) but this is the Indians first time back at the top of the power rankings since 2007. Last time I checked 2007 was a pretty special year.   
29. 17-5 Home Record.
-About to be 17-6 with the bludgeoning the BoSox are putting on right now, but even so the Tribe are winning at home. With or without a sellout crowd.
30. This Blog.
-Without the Tribe I would be bored. They give me something to write about, something exciting to write about.

Well that concludes this post. I might just make a set day for posts just so I can make time to write. Hit me up on Twitter or Facebook and tell me what day you think. Maybe I'll even put up a poll? Who knows. GO TRIBE!!!

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