Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How 'bout Them Browns?

As the Indians season winds down to just 18 games left, I'll reflect a bit on another "disappointing" season.

The Tribe this year had everyone reliving the glory days. Which was a good thing. Whenever I watched the Indians this year, they had me reminiscing about the good days with guys like the Alomar brothers, Omar, Manny, Kenny and so many other great players of the 90's Indians. I don't know how many times I watched Asdrubal make a great play at short and say to myself "Wow!! He's a chubbier version of Omar!!". This team had me thinking they could do something special. As the season progressed, the great plays still came, but the winning ways were left behind. After the All-Star break we could not get anything going offensively and winning was hard to come by. As the months past and play-off baseball drew closer, the Indians were falling behind. As of right now the Indians are tied for 2nd place in the Central with the Sox and 11.5 behind Detroit for first place. Barring a miracle, the Indians will be headed to another disappointing off-season.

As depressed as I am about the Indians, I have things to look forward to. Next season the Tribe will (hopefully) bring back the core of this young team and expectations will certainly be higher then they were to start this season. Instead of being looked over, we'll be looked at as contenders. Something to look forward to. Finally.

Just as the regular season is coming to a close for the Tribe, the Browns start their new season with fresh faces and a new head coach. While the first game left many people, including myself, saying "here we go again" don't count the Browns out...yet. The defense looked good just about the whole game except for the biggest play of the game. In what baffled fans and seemingly everyone else in the world, the Browns hung out in the huddle just a bit too long and let the lowly Bengals fool them. Had Joe Haden simply been beat on a route, okay, we can deal with that. That was not what happened. They pulled a "Cleveland" and let Cinci steal the game.

In a way I should have expected this kind of performance. Just like every season though, I am brainwashed as a Cleveland sports fan to think that this years team will be different. Still too early to tell but things are not looking good. Colt McCoy is too short for his own good and our O line is pitiful. Not to mention their punting game was atrocious. Luckily the Browns just signed a new punter whose name I've already forgotten. In a way Reggie Hodges affected the game the most on Sunday. Those first two scoring drives the Bengals had started inside the Browns 50. Why? Because of awful punts by Richmond McGee.

We can only hope that the Browns fair better against the Manning-less Colts this Sunday. Although I'm not counting on it. The optimism quickly fades after week one for me. 1 game and I'm already doubting if we can finish the season ahead of Cinci. Time will tell.

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