Saturday, April 16, 2011

This Can't Be Real...Or Can It?

Wow. Indians win their second straight against the Baltimore Orioles. That alone is not too impressive. What's impressive is the 10-4 record they hold this year. Who's to say this isn't just some early season excitement and young players exceeding expectations? No, this is more than that. This is Tribe baseball like I remember it. Growing up during the 90s I guess you could say I was spoiled. With teams that headlined Manny, Thome, the Alomar Brothers, Omar, and don't even get me started about their pitching! Those were the Indians I remember, on any given night it was almost expected that the Tribe was going to win. Guaranteed. In the late 1990s the Indians were UNSTOPPABLE. Well..almost. This years team, though early in the season still, is giving me those same feelings. We may not have the household names like we did back in the day, but we're just getting started.

With another win tonight the Tribe keep rolling. Keep fighting. Never giving up. Winning attitude. It's all there. Veteran leadership, young talent, guys going in to every game trying to prove what they have and earn their spot on the big stage. Although some of the guys who have been performing extremely well struggled tonight (Brantly and Asdrubal Cabrera) Hafner continued to look every bit like the old Pronk we used to know. Santana's batting woes continued tonight. I hope for the Indians sake and for the fans that this is nothing to worry about and once he settles in will start hitting on a regular basis. Don't know how long Travis Buck will continue to play for the Indians but he certainly made the most out of what playing time he got tonight, going 3 for 4 with a double and an RBI. Buck will presumably be moved out soon to make room for Sizemore who is apparently game ready and just waiting to hear the word.

With another dominating pitching performance from one of our "young guns", Josh Tomlin notched another victory to his belt. The Tribe now have two starting pitchers with 3 wins, and we're just a little over halfway through the month of April. I think all the doubters are beginning to doubt themselves. The Tribe are for real.

With a delayed start, and on and off rain throughout the day, the attendance dropped back down. Just a little over 10,000 for tonights game. So maybe it was just the hot dogs that brought in fans on Friday night, but it's only a matter of time before the rest of the fans wake up and realize that there is baseball once again in Cleveland. GO TRIBE!!!

That's all for tonight. Sorry for the tardiness on the post. Worked all day and got to chill with a good friend for most of the night. I'll be better tomorrow. I promise.

UPDATE: Got on Twitter this morning to find out Grady will be starting in his center field position and batting lead-off!!! I'm kinda shocked about all this news. Not that Grady is finally making it back from surgery that has led to him being out for almost a year, no, it's the fact that Travis Buck, who everyone had assumed would be shipped out to some minor league ball club is in the starting lineup today. Yes you heard right. Travis Buck will be in the lineup today starting in LF and batting 7th. I'm seriously baffled by this. It came out of left field (pun intended). Why bench one of the better hitters on the team in Brantly, and honestly a better hitter too. Travis buck had 3 hits last night. Big deal? Not really. He'll struggle today and things will be back in order by Monday.

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