Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some thoughts on the Indians season so far..

It's an early season so far for the tribe, just 12 games in, but I'm starting to see what we have as a team. So far Choo and Santana have disappointed with their bats, with .205 and  .200 batting averages. It's still a young season and I expect Choo to pick it up like he does every year, Santana on the other hand is a bit of a worry. He is hitless in the past 5 games going 0 for 18 during that stretch. Through the first couple games he looked like the Santana we saw mid-season last year before he had that season ending injury. He was hitting the ball hard and making good contact. Over the last five games it seems like he is trying too hard; Going 0 for 6 in the last two games is understandable since he faced two very good pitchers, but in the last two games against Seattle and the first game against LA he shouldn't have had a problem facing sub-par pitching. At least he's doing a fine job behind the plate or we would have some major problems here.

On the flip side are two surprises for me this year. The first is the Tribe's lead-off hitter, Michael Brantly. In 45 at bats he carries a .311 batting average with 6 RBI. Not too shabby for a young lead-off hitter early in the season. Whether or not he keeps that spot in the lineup will depend on what manager Manny Acta wants to do when Grady Sizemore comes back from injury (Which could be very soon). The second surprise this year is Asdrubal Cabrera. Not only has he shown some power, 4 homers, but has been a consistent hitter in the clutch. Combine that with his impressive fielding so far (Minus that awful play last night) and you have a legitimate shortstop. Still early but I think this could be a breakout year for him.

Final thought: The Tribe lost their first two then won eight in a row and followed that up with two consecutive loses. They head back home today and play the Orioles tomorrow, get ready to see some more winning from the Indians. If this trend of lose two win eight continues, we'll have a good season. In no way do i actually believe this will happen, it's still wouldn't hurt to wish it would.

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